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Jay L. (11/19/2020)

Upon researching a number of divorce attorneys I found Mr. Smith on line back in January 2020 to assist me with filing an RFO. After going through a very difficult divorce I was one of many who suffered loss of income thus was forced to file a support adjustment request for order with the court. Although this is typically considered a rather simple process unfortunately due to my ex my situation was rather unique thus making the RFO adjustment difficult thus I was in need of legal advice. Upon meeting with Jonathan he was not only sympathetic he was very empathic. Jonathan was very open with me and provided me the legal advice above and beyond I was in need of to move forward. I was under a great deal of stress at the time and felt very comfortable meeting with Jonathan as he put me at ease with his empathy, advice and most of all his ethics. At the end of the first meeting he recommended I research prior to retaining his services. Again making me feel very much at ease and upon researching a number of other attorney's I was unable to find an attorney who I was able to connect with let alone meets the ethical standards I would expect. As such needless to say I retained Jonathan's services and not only did he perform above and beyond my expectations he provided me with additional guidance and information that would significantly help my situation in the near future.

I would strongly recommend Jonathan as he is not only very knowledgeable, he is empathic and ethical. These are behavioral traits that seem to be rare these days especially within family law attorney's.

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